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Job Search

New Graduates

We have wonderful relationships with our new dentist that are straight out of residencies or dental school. New graduates are able to work with experienced doctors in clinics and some doctors that feel ready to “jump right in “can be given opportunities in offices where they work solo or with other doctors with different levels of experience. We are also excited to offer an opportunity to a select few doctors to join our externship program which allows them to work in various clinics within our company and learn a broad spectrum of care. Interviews for this process are usually in January and 3 to 4 applicants will be accepted for this program. For info on this program contact Dr Jim Nasim ( ).


Dr. White Testimonial

Dear Dr Nasim,“I wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to work for you at SDA as my first job coming out of dental school. I learned more than I could’ve imagined in my two years with the company, and I’m so appreciated that you put me with amazing mentors like Dr. Tucker & Dr. Currie who were so helpful and supportive. I also appreciate everything you and the leaders at SDA did to get us through COVID & keep the doors open. Thank you again for taking a chance on me and giving me a great first job experience. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything”.

You Care for Patients; We Care for You…

At Southern Dental Alliance – we want to be a community that people want to join. We are looking for long-term relationships with our teams, our patients and our communities.

Company Overview

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  • Integrity
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  • Quality Focus
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Our Benefits

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Careers With Us or Our Affiliates

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  • Dentist
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  • Clinical Team (Hygienist, Dental Assistants, Lab Techs, RNs)
  • Practice Support

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